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The gateway to the mysterious and unexplained in the heart of London! Established in 1996, Spectrum Paranormal Investigations stands as one of London's longest-standing and prominent research teams, recognized as a leader in the UK. Devoted to exploring locations with purported paranormal activity, the team is committed to capturing tangible evidence of supernatural phenomena.


Our commitment to the paranormal goes beyond mere fascination.


Often appearing in mainstream media. Request the team for your project. 


Please read this in-depth guide that should help explain most phenomena.


At Spectrum Paranormal Investigations, our mission is to foster a comprehensive understanding of the paranormal through our core principles: Evaluate, Investigate, Educate. We strive to stand as a beacon of professionalism, integrity, and dedication. Contributing to the broader understanding of the paranormal field while providing support, reassurance, and education to those seeking answers to unexplained phenomena.



We are dedicated to approaching every case with a discerning and open-minded perspective. Our team employs rigorous evaluation methods to assess reported paranormal phenomena, ensuring a thorough understanding of each unique situation. By applying critical thinking and analytical skills, we aim to separate fact from speculation, providing our clients with accurate insights into their experiences.



Through systematic and ethical investigations, our commitment is to provide clarity and resolution. At S.P.I, we adopt a diverse approach by integrating traditional, modern, and scientifically-driven experiments to establish communication with the otherworldly. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge environmental monitoring tools to detect natural disturbances and measure energy levels. This comprehensive and meticulous exploration is applied to every reputedly haunted location, ensuring a thorough investigation aiming to capture concrete evidence.



Education lies at the heart of our mission. We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with the public to demystify the paranormal. Through various platforms, including media collaborations, public appearances, and educational initiatives, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of paranormal phenomena. By providing insights, debunking myths, and encouraging critical thinking, we empower individuals to navigate the unexplained with informed perspectives.

"We must rule out the 'Normal' to explore the 'Paranormal'​."

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