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Where the mysterious meets the mainstream. Since our inception, SPI has been at the forefront of exploring the unexplained, collaborating with a diverse range of media outlets and influencers.


Our team's unique blend of belief and skepticism, coupled with our professional approach, has led to numerous media projects that have captivated audiences around the world.

Netflix's Lockwood & Co

After the debut of Netflix's supernatural fantasy series, Lockwood & Co., Spectrum Paranormal Investigations were commissioned to establish the 'Supernatural Investigation Service.' This unique opportunity extended to select households, providing them the chance to experience an investigation firsthand, while also learning techniques featured in the show.

Spotify & Pink Pantheress

Collaborated with Spotify and Pink Pantheress to explore the influences behind the music. Our team's contribution added an intriguing dimension to the project, connecting the supernatural with the world of music in a truly unique way.


Featured on major television networks, including ITV's Lorraine and This Morning, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Blaze TV, and Talk TV. Our appearances have ranged from Ouija Boards with James Blunt, in-depth investigations to expert commentary, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the paranormal.

Print and Online Media

SPI has been featured in a variety of print and online publications, including Time Out Magazine, Business Insider, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Independent, The Guardian, and National Lottery. Our team's insights have been sought after by journalists and editors, contributing to articles that explore the intersection of the paranormal and everyday life.


Tabloids and News Outlets

Made headlines in popular tabloids such as The Sun and the Daily Mirror. Our team's intriguing cases and compelling investigations have captured the attention of the mainstream media, showcasing the widespread interest in the unexplained.

Expertise in the Limelight

Beyond investigations, Spectrum Paranormal Investigations is a trusted source of expertise in the paranormal field. Our team regularly appears as talking heads on various platforms, sharing insights, knowledge, and analysis. Whether on television, radio, or podcasts, SPI members contribute to discussions that elevate the discourse around the supernatural.


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