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Before hastily reaching out to your local paranormal investigation team, it's prudent to undertake a few steps to determine if you are genuinely facing a haunting in your residence or workplace.

Maintain a logical and rational mindset when confronting potential paranormal activity. The cornerstone of any investigation lies in evidence. Approach it like detective work, carefully considering all factors before hastily concluding that you've encountered a spirit. If, even after thorough consideration, no reasonable explanations emerge, then these experiences may indeed be phenomena worth exploring further.

Step-by-step guide

Initial Actions

Consider All Factors: Begin by taking into account all the factors surrounding your experience. Factors could range from your emotional state at the time to unfamiliarity with the location. Is the place where the experience occurred already known for paranormal activity? Recall Phenomena in Detail: Try to recollect as many details as possible, even if the experience was frightening. Providing comprehensive information will assist in determining the nature of the encounter. Document the Experience: It is advisable to keep a diary documenting all activity from this point forward. Even seemingly insignificant details may reveal patterns over time. Maintain a record for four weeks, noting down anything relevant for the investigation. Include details such as the times when objects move or if you detect unusual odors, some of which may be described as putrid, resembling that of rotten eggs.

Common Phenomena & Guidance

Cold Spots If you've noticed a significant temperature drop in a specific area of your home or felt an unexplained cool breeze, investigate whether your surroundings are already known for being haunted. Seal doors and windows, and monitor temperature changes. Footsteps Hearing footsteps in unexpected places? Rule out common causes like pests or neighbors' pets. If no rational explanation is found, consider installing a camera with a microphone to capture signs of movement. Pets Are your pets avoiding specific areas or exhibiting unusual behavior? Prioritize a vet visit to rule out health issues. If their behavior persists, document it for investigation purposes. Guests/Friends Observe the reactions of visitors in your home. If they report discomfort or unease, document these instances to discern patterns. Witness testimonies can provide valuable insights. Unusual Odors Unexpected scents like dirt or perfume may indicate spiritual activity. Note the details, including when and where the smells occur, to gather potential evidence. Children Young children have not been conditioned to believe there’s ‘no such thing as ghosts’. Children may be more sensitive to spiritual energy. Pay attention to their observations, and seek professional advice if their experiences cause concern. Doors/Windows Drafts and uneven foundations can all cause doors to open without human intervention. Examine physical causes for doors and windows opening, such as breezes or faulty hinges. If issues persist, consider the possibility of a haunting. Poltergeist (Noisy Ghost) Objects moving independently? Use tracking devices to monitor missing items and record activity with audio and visual equipment for tangible evidence. Noises It’s most difficult to determine if strange noises you hear are coming from a ghost in your house. Strange sounds may be attributed to the house settling or natural causes. Investigate thoroughly and seek professional assistance if unexplained noises persist. Orbs Photographing orbs? Rule out dust particles by avoiding flash photography. Focus on orb movements; chaotic or rapid movements are likely dust, while slow, pulsing movements may indicate paranormal activity. Pareidolia Seeing faces in photos or orbs? Consider factors like pixelation and image quality before attributing it to paranormal phenomena. Remember, our brains train from an early age to recognise faces and to make out eyes, noses, and mouths. It's very natural for us to do this even without realising. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Hearing voices through electronic devices? Set up a voice-activated recorder or dictaphone and ask simple questions to capture potential responses. Apparitions This is the sighting of a spirit. If you witness a spirit, rule out mundane causes and assess its intentions. Positive or neutral encounters may indicate a benign presence, while negative intentions may require professional intervention. Document your experiences and, if needed, seek assistance from faith leaders or paranormal experts.

Gathering Evidence

In the pursuit of establishing the authenticity of a potential haunting, employing the A.V.P method (Audio, Visual, Physical) is pivotal for a systematic approach. To compile evidence indicative of paranormal activity, consider utilizing various tools, as each method serves a distinct purpose. While smartphones are a convenient choice, they may not always be the optimal solution for these scenarios. AUDIO: Employ a Dictaphone equipped with an omnidirectional microphone to capture sound frequencies or levels beyond human hearing. This allows for a comprehensive audio recording that may unveil subtle paranormal phenomena. VISUAL: In daylight hours, utilize a digital camera or smartphone to capture photos and videos. For nighttime investigations, employ an infrared (night vision) camera to maximize the chances of documenting any peculiar activity in low-light conditions. PHYSICAL: Incorporate 'trigger objects' such as a crucifix or a glass tumbler that can be outlined on paper. Position these items, draw around them, and securely lock them away. This method aims to detect any interaction, and the process can be recorded on video to document potential movement. It's worth noting that while smartphones are widely accessible and capable of recording audio, video, and photos, their practicality in paranormal investigations may be limited. Special Note on Night Vision: When using an infrared (night vision) camera or a mobile phone with the flash activated, it's common to capture artifacts known as 'orbs.' It's essential to recognize that approximately 95% of orb submissions typically turn out to be dust, insects, or light interferences, rather than conclusive evidence of paranormal activity.

Safe Practices: Positive Energy

Beliefs surrounding the existence of ghosts and spirits are highly personal. Whether one acknowledges their presence or not, adhering to safe practices to cultivate positive energy is a universal consideration. Remember, in the realm of the supernatural, positive attracts positive, while negative attracts negative. Here are some reputed tips to ward off spirits and foster positive energy: Burning Sage: Engage in the Native American spiritual ritual known as smudging by burning sage leaves. The smoke is believed to purify the air, dispelling negative energy, cleansing individuals or spaces, and promoting healing and wisdom. Many people also burn sage for its perceived potent health benefits. Wicca: Explore the traditional pagan practices of Wicca, where adherents believe in connecting with the spirit world. Drawing on nature-based energy fields, Wiccans use spells that aim to heal and empower without causing harm. Ritual tools like the pentacle, Athame (sword), wand, and chalice represent the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Crystals: Harness the purported protective properties, healing effects, and energy field promotion attributed to crystals. The modern popularity of crystals spans age groups, with their use in jewelry and aesthetic appeal. Salt: Embrace the purifying, healing, and preserving qualities of salt, a natural cleanser believed to repel negative spirits. This practice has roots in Buddhism or Shintoism, where salt is used to purify spaces and ward off evil spirits. Spraying Ionized Water: Charge negative ion energy and purify the air with ionized water spray. This practice aligns with the concept that locations like beaches or mountains, rich in negative ions, induce positive feelings. Indoor environments may lack these ions, making ionized water a potential solution. Religious Practice: Seek guidance from religious leaders and visit local places of worship. If faith holds significant importance for you, consulting with religious leaders and engaging in religious practices can offer comfort and advice. Relaxation Techniques: Incorporate relaxing music, yoga, or meditation into your routine to promote positive vibes in your home environment. These practices contribute to inner positive energy and overall well-being.

Caution: Avoiding Contact

If you suspect a haunting, exercise caution and refrain from treating it lightly. Avoid attempting direct contact with the unknown through methods like Ouija boards or séances, unless you are well-versed in these practices. Additionally, never engage in such activities under the influence of alcohol or drugs; maintaining a clear and sound mind is crucial to being taken seriously in discussions on this subject. It is widely reported that acknowledging spirit entities may grant them access to your life, potentially intensifying paranormal activity and inducing paranoia. Prioritizing the safety and well-being of clients or individuals experiencing supernatural phenomena is paramount. Therefore, it is strongly advised against initiating any interaction or dialogue with alleged spirits.

Submit Your Account

Understanding that the team receives numerous reports, they prioritize cases that are genuine or provide comprehensive details. To ensure your inquiry is considered, please furnish as much detail as possible. Attach any video, photographic, or audio evidence that may substantiate the reported haunting. In the absence of supporting media, kindly submit a detailed, diary-like log documenting the experienced phenomena, including the times and dates of the observed activities. Responses: If your report is found to have significant evidence, anticipate a prompt response. However, given the volume of emails received, if your inquiry does not meet the necessary criteria, please anticipate no response.


Recall the Details

Be meticulous in remembering the details of any paranormal experiences.

Diary Keeping for 4 Weeks

Maintain a dedicated diary for a four-week period to log any recurring phenomena.

Evidence Gathering

Employ the A.V.P method (Audio, Visual, Physical) to systematically gather evidence of potential paranormal activity.

Supporting Files Attachment

When submitting a report, attach any supporting video, photographic, or audio evidence to enhance the credibility of your account.


Report Submission - Await Response

Submit your detailed report, and patiently await a response. Significant evidence may prompt a swift reply, while inquiries not meeting criteria might not receive a response.

 Priority support?

Need an investigation or a guaranteed response? Schedule a consultation to speak directly with a team member and delve into the specifics of your case. Visit the Services section for comprehensive details. (£)

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