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Our priority service empowers you to directly engage with our experts and initiate an investigation. To kickstart the process, an initial consultation is necessary, outlined in the steps below.

Consultation (1 Hour) £20

Speak directly with a team member during a scheduled 1-hour session via phone, Zoom, or email. This session is dedicated to discussing your case, providing expert advice, and determining the appropriate next steps. The goal is to assess whether any action is required based on the information provided.

Visit (2 hours) ££* + Fuel Cover

If, following the initial consultation, you decide to proceed with our services, the next step involves a visit to the reported haunting location. This 2-hour visit includes a comprehensive interview to gain deeper insights. The team conducts baseline tests to eliminate natural disturbances and understand the environment, aiming to identify potential causes of the reported activity. The primary objective is to rule out non-paranormal factors. If it's determined that the activity is not paranormal, the team provides reassurances, and the case is closed. Investigation is only initiated when paranormal phenomena seems plausible.

Investigation (5 hours) £££* + Fuel Cover

A full 5-hour investigation is conducted, employing various methods to uncover evidence of the reported phenomena. At the conclusion, the team delivers an expert opinion, outlining the process leading to their conclusion and suggesting next steps. Any evidence obtained during the investigation is kept confidential unless explicit permission is granted to share findings by Spectrum Paranormal.

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*Fees are quoted on a case-by-case basis. (Based on location and service required)

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