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Crystals with spiritual books and tarot cards

Online Tarot Reading (Full Session)

Receive a full 40 minute reading with Sarah Sheppard.

  • 40 min
  • 40 British pounds
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

ONLINE VIDEO CALL Includes 3 yes/no questions but must NOT be health/death/pregnancy. A tarot reading with a psychic is a unique and personal experience that involves the use of a deck of tarot cards to gain insights into different aspects of your life. Here's what you can generally expect from the tarot reading: Welcoming Atmosphere: The psychic will create a calm and welcoming environment to make you feel comfortable, to enhance focus and concentration. Introduction and Connection: Brief introduction, explaining the purpose of the reading and the role of tarot cards in providing guidance. Establishing a connection with you, encouraging open communication. Clarifying Questions: You may be asked some general questions about your life or specific areas you'd like insights into. This helps to focus the reading on relevant aspects and provides a context for the cards. Shuffling and Card Selection: The tarot deck is shuffled, and you may be asked to participate in the shuffling process. After shuffling, the psychic will draw a specific number of cards based on the reading type or your question. The arrangement of the cards is significant. Card Interpretation: The psychic interprets the meaning of each card and its placement in the spread. This interpretation is often a combination of the card's traditional significance, the psychic's intuitive insights, and their connection to your specific situation. Insights and Guidance: As the reading progresses, the psychic will share insights and guidance based on the cards' symbolism. This can include information about your past, present circumstances, and potential future outcomes. Encouragement for Self-Reflection: A tarot reading is not just about predicting the future but also about offering guidance for self-reflection and personal growth. The psychic may encourage you to consider your thoughts, feelings, and actions in relation to the insights provided. Interactive Communication: Depending on the psychic's style, the reading may be interactive. You might have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification during the session, fostering a collaborative and engaging experience. Closing and Summary: As the reading concludes, the psychic will offer a summary of the key points discussed. They may provide suggestions for actions or mindset shifts that could benefit you based on the insights gained from the reading.

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