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Dean Williams

Director & Head of Operations

Enthralled by the mystique of ghosts since the tender age of 3, Dean's life took a spectral turn after encountering the film Ghostbusters. While most kids harbored aspirations of becoming policemen or firefighters, Dean's heart was set on becoming a 'Ghostbuster.' So, when the opportunity to join a team embodying his childhood dream materialized, he seized it eagerly.

Dean, the pragmatic half of the duo, brings a healthy dose of skepticism to the table. With a rational approach to the unknown, he serves as the grounded voice within Spectrum Paranormal Investigations. Dean's mission is to question, analyze, and debunk when necessary, providing a balanced perspective to the team's endeavors. His commitment to critical thinking ensures that SPI approaches each case with a discerning eye, separating fact from fiction in the pursuit of truth.

Dean's role also involves disseminating the team's message across social media platforms, overseeing the daily operations of the organization, and collaborating with clients to coordinate projects, investigations, and events.

Dean Williams
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