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Hazel Williams

Director & Head of Investigations

Hazel's journey into the paranormal began at a young age when she experienced unexplainable phenomena that ignited a lifelong fascination. Her enthrallment with the realm of paranormal research blossomed in the early 1970s when she first delved into 'The Mysterious World of Arthur C Clarke' and 'Project Blue Book.'

Hazel, with her insatiable curiosity is a true believer in the existence of the supernatural and is driven by a passion to uncover the mysteries that lie beyond the veil.

Her formative years in London, steeped in its dark history and abundant ghost stories, equipped her with the foundational knowledge that would later shape the inception of Spectrum. Her empathetic nature and intuitive abilities make her an invaluable asset during investigations, as she seeks to connect with the spirits that may linger in the shadows.

Reflecting on her journey, Hazel shares a profound perspective: "When traveling, you take good care of your luggage because it holds your valuable possessions inside. Your body is a suitcase for your soul. Treat it with the same respect, for it carries something more precious."

Hazel Williams
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