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Explore the enchanting Hawstone Park Follies in Shrewsbury, a pioneering and remarkably original tourist attraction in the UK. Now, it's open for exclusive bookings for paranormal investigations and events. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience that transcends the ordinary!

Hire Costs

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The caves can ONLY be reached by specially equipped 4x4 Land Rovers.

All attendees will be transported to site in the 10 minute 'Off-road' Land Rover experience!


Option 1: Suited to large teams or those looking to do team shares.

• Up to 10 people


Option 2: Ideal for event companies that wish to do public events. 

• Up to 15 people


• Available to hire between Feb-Oct

• 8pm - 2am, Fri & Sat

• £100 Deposit

• Powered hut for amenities

• Not wheelchair friendly

• Parking near by (no cost) 

• Transportation to and from caves

• All bookings are protected by a suitable weather condition policy

• Bats & Creepy Crawlies may be present

Hawkstone Caves Layout

AREAS (6500sqft)

1. Arthur's ('King Arthurs' goblet discovered.)

2. Labyrinth

3. Druids

4. Petrified Forrest

5. Awful Precipice

BOOKING T&Cs 1. *If you or your guests act in an inappropriate manner, this will result in your booking ending and your removal from the premises. 2. *No drinking of alcohol 24 hours before your booking. We do not have to prove that you or guests are under the influence. If suspected, this will result in the termination of your booking. 3. *If you or anyone from your booking appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. And/or we suspect consumption of alcohol or drugs during your booking. This will result in the termination of your booking. 4. During your booking, SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD/HAWKSTONE PARK FOLLIES. does not allow participants to smoke, vape, or permit the use of any naked flames in any unauthorised areas. 5. During your booking, SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD/HAWKSTONE PARK FOLLIES. will not be liable for any damage or loss to property and personal belongings. This includes any damage that may be a result of spiritual or poltergeist activity. 6. All property and items belonging to you or guests are your responsibility. You must protect and keep all personal articles safe during your booking. 7. As per new legislation in GDPR laws. Any personal details and contact information obtained. In relation to names, home address, email, or telephone numbers. Are not used other than in relation to your booking. 9. SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD/HAWKSTONE PARK FOLLIES. can not guarantee what forms of activity may occur during your booking. These may be minimal or extreme, resulting in injury to yourself and others. We accept no responsibility for what may occur as a result of paranormal phenomena. 10. SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD/HAWKSTONE PARK FOLLIES. can not guarantee paranormal activity during your booking. 11. SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD/HAWKSTONE PARK FOLLIES. is a diverse team. Please treat us with the appropriate respect, as you yourself would expect. We do not tolerate any racism or hatred towards others' beliefs or values. 12. These terms and conditions are non-negotiable, and your participation demonstrates their acceptance. These conditions and any attached contracts are subject to UK law. 13. Your booking and involvement in the hire of the premises. SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD/HAWKSTONE PARK FOLLIES. accepts no liability for any accident/incident/injury to participants. Which occurs from not adhering to these terms and conditions. By accepting and agreeing, you are further indemnifying SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD/HAWKSTONE PARK FOLLIES. against all legal liability in respect of any claims or any kind of legal suits. ​ 14. CANCELLATIONS BY US:  SPECTRUM PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD. can cancel at any time for any reason at our own discretion. If we have to cancel, we will tell you as soon as possible. In these circumstances, we will reschedule for another date. 15. CANCELLATIONS BY YOU: If you must cancel and are not able to attend or honour your booking on the allocated date. You must provide at least 72 hours' notice for full reimbursement. 16. WEATHER POLICY: Due to the nature of the location. If rainfall is too heavy and deemed unsafe for your booking to go ahead, you WILL be granted permission to arrange a new date. ​ *Public event companies may have their own T&Cs to deal with such behaviours and to deal with offending individuals. Thank you!

PHENOMENA Poltergeist Activity: In the course of Spectrum's two prior visits, multiple team members have reported feeling unexplained tugging at their clothes, adding an intriguing layer of mystery to their experiences at the location. EVP Phenomena: Among the various encounters documented, sound has played a central role in the paranormal activity. Both male and female voices have been distinctly heard, echoing through the space. Additionally, phantom footsteps have reverberated, leaving an indelible mark on the investigations. Spirit Box Revelations: Spectrum's private investigations have uncovered compelling insights through spirit box sessions. These specialized tools have proven to be particularly rewarding, capturing snippets of communication from the unseen realms, contributing to the depth of the team's exploration at the location.

LOCATION HISTORY Embark on a journey through over a thousand years of history at Hawkstone Park Follies in Shrewsbury, one of the UK's earliest and most original tourist attractions. After nearly a century of neglect, this magical Georgian marvel was meticulously restored and reopened its gates to the public in 1993. Delving into the rich tapestry of Hawkstone Park Follies, there exists a whispered narrative that extends beyond its captivating history into the realm of the supernatural. With centuries of human activity and the echoes of bygone eras resonating through its nooks and crannies, it's not surprising that tales of ghostly encounters and unexplained phenomena have woven themselves into the fabric of this mystical landscape. The mysterious caves, carved into the white sandstone with precision and purpose, have long fueled speculations of spectral presence. As visitors venture through the dimly lit passages, some claim to have experienced inexplicable chills, fleeting shadows, and whispers echoing from the depths of the earth. The notion of a Roman copper mine, once bustling with activity, adds an eerie layer to the tales, as if the spirits of long-ago miners linger in the subterranean recesses. Grotto Hill, with its enigmatic tunnel and labyrinthine caves, seems to harbor secrets that extend beyond the reach of historical records. Some visitors have reported sensing unseen presences, while others share stories of ethereal figures glimpsed fleetingly among the ancient stones. The park's long history and layers of human experience make it a fertile ground for the kind of mysterious occurrences that spark discussions of hauntings and the paranormal. Moreover, the association with King Arthur and the Arthurian legend adds an extra layer of intrigue to Hawkstone's possible haunted history. Could the spirits of knights and ancient guardians still tread the paths and corridors, safeguarding the secrets embedded within the park's storied landscape? While tales of hauntings remain largely anecdotal, the air of mystique surrounding Hawkstone Park Follies invites those with a penchant for the supernatural to explore its grounds with an open mind, ready to embrace the possibility that the whispers of history may extend beyond the tangible and into the ethereal.

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